The man who rose again to win the lottery

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Lot of people chase luck, for example win lottery.
Many times we tell someone, so good luck, or so bad luck. Someones seem to take both to the extreme, even from their own life.

The story of Bill Morgan seems to be about that, good and bad luck all at once, but with a positive result, that certainly does.

Bill Morgan is an Australian citizen, who was 37 years old when one of the most incredible events that happened along his life. I say one of the facts, since the fact is that there were several.

At the end of the decade of the 90s, Bill, as we said, was already 37 years old at that time he suffered a very serious accident of driving a truck with which he did his job in those moments of his life.

Bill is urgently taken to the hospital where he survives the accident, but he must continue and part of the recovery consists of a medication, apparently quite potent, which causes an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction to Bill’s heart for almost 15 minutes, entering a coma.

After about 10 days the hospital came to discuss with Bill’s relatives, the possibility of disconnecting him from the machines that kept him alive, although that would not be necessary.

Against all odds, Bill survives and comes out of the coma 12 days later, not only that, but it also comes out without any side effects. There is no paralysis, its internal organs work fine, and also, the most incredible thing in these cases is that it does not have any type of brain damage. In those moments, Bill begins to be aware of the luck he has had.

And what do you think Bill does when he leaves the hospital?
First of all, leave work as a truck driver. It is very clear that having an experience so close to death must necessarily change a person quite a lot. But let’s continue with Bill’s story …

Bill loves his girlfriend and proposes marriage, after the fate of the car, what could be wrong? Bill continues his good run and his girlfriend says yes. WOW, everything is perfect again.

But, as you can imagine the thing does not end there, days later, Bill enters a store and buys a Scratch and Win, and WOW! Win a car valued at $ 25,000 in 1998, today would come to know much more. It seems that things were coming out of the best of the best.

But it still doesn’t end there. An Australian television network made a short documentary about Bill’s story, bought another scratch and won to tell how he had done it the previous time. And what do you think happened? At that moment, Bill had a prize of $ 250,000 !!

Incredible but true.
This is what Bill said when everything was happening:
I just won 250,000. I’m not joking. … I don’t think this is happening. ”

In a movie I saw recently they said that life is how to suck honey from a thorn. Sometimes it’s fine and sometimes there is pain. The best thing about Bill is that he had the accident first and then everything went fine.

We hope luck is with you forever Bill.

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