How did the first lottery start?”


How did the first lottery start?

How did the first lottery start is a hard question. According to all the data we have, it seems that the world’s first lottery was made in China. This is a curious fact given the traditional ban they have had in China on lotteries and gambling.

The oldest recorded evidence of lotteries are keno tickets from the Han Chinese dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. Keno continues to play in a lot of casinos today.

Obviously someone had the great idea of ​​creating a lottery to raise funds. Brilliant idea, as it still works today.
In addition it is also evident that it is a valuable method to earn billions today.

How much money does the lottery move around the world?
I have long sought the answer, and although I have not been able to find a reliable total figure, we can say that A LOT.
Only in the US it is not less than 80-90 billion dollars a year. Keep in mind that only one lottery is enough to raise more than 1 billion dollars.

The invention was so successful that today people spend more on lottery than on video games, music CD, books and movies combined. The chance industry is unstoppable. It seems that gunpowder and lottery are similar.

How did the first lottery start?

Really, is impossible to know how the lottery was generated. It is impossible to know whose idea it was and how it all originated, too much time has passed. Although it seems it was a desperate attempt to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China if we talk about China.

Was China really the inventor of the lottery?

Was China the first country that created a lottery? so it is not clear. Some sort of lotteries were already being made much earlier, probably.

How did the first lottery start in Europe?

It is honestly not clear. China and Rome seems that was not connected about 200 BC. Rome had a lottery to animate some traditional parties called “The Saturnals” in which they repaired numbers for free between the guests, who earned some merit or even social status.

After years on the 18th century, a monk resumed the concept of the lottery creating a game called Lotus, which we could say was clearly the precursors of the current Lottery.

The lottery has always been a monopoly of the state. Only kings, governors and states have monopolized the lottery for a long time. Although there are also private or family lotteries, but it’s not public. On the other hand it is logical that the government manages the lottery, otherwise there would be many scams.

The lottery is very old for sure. Chance concept has been used in ancient times in many ways for sure. It is likely that everything started during hunting or homework assignments. For example several people raffle who is going to play an unpleasant task. In this case it becomes a reverse lottery. This makes us see clearly the random concept. It is possible that chance began with a “Whoever touches the shortest straw”

The reality is that we know little about the past history of the lottery. The reality is that gambling is part of ourselves. Chance is part of life and that if we understand it well.

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