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Just as we started with other posts, saying that winning the lottery is something that almost everyone wants, most will never win anything, some only once, but there are people who have an unusual luck

This is the case of a Maryland retiree, whom we will call Paul.

Paul is 62 years old and has just won $1 million with a scratch and win. But that is not all.

Sometimes one would say that they are things of the stars or destiny, of God or to know that, since Paul has fanded several awards . In a few months Pau has won $5000, $10,000 and finally the big prize of 1 million dollars. It seems that this is Paul’s great moment.

The most striking thing about this story is, that Paul says he uses an amulet to win, and that it works. I’m sure Paul thinks it’s the amulet, who knows …

According to Paul, he invested 20 dollars in Max A Million from the local Maryland lottery. It certainly seems like a good investment.

You can imagine Paul’s amazement when he went to his car and knew that he had earned a lot of money. “I just got the damn first prize!” Paul shouted at the store where he bought it. It is not for less. Although honestly, I advise you, if one day you get out of the lottery, tell it to as few people as possible.

Hopefully Paul does not think of spending the money he has won in the lottery thinking that the amulet will do the rest, it is better to stay as is, with this you can retire and live peacefully what is left of life. It is possibly the best prize you will win.

I don’t believe in charms, but just in case Paul could leave us for a while, a couple of months to see if it’s true that it works.

For now Paul will go with his wife on vacation to Hawaii, he deserves it!

What do you thing about? Do you believe in amulets?

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