What should you do if you win a lottery?

what i must do afer win lottery

How many times have you thought you wish you won the jackpot jackpot? What would you do then if you won the lottery?
Let’s review some options

  1. You could go crazy sending everyone to hell and you spend your money as if you were going to die tomorrow.

2. You could also go crazy and tell everyone that you have won the jackpot, and start helping everyone with their varied money problems. You can be sure that you would have little money in the end, but you would have many “friends.”

3. Depending on the money you would have earned, you could buy some lost island from the Pacific and start a new life, but if you are there it can only be boring. In addition to boring, you could also bite some bug of those out there and finish your days in a short time.
These are some of the reasons why people who have never had a lot of real money would do after winning the lottery, so many lose all their money. There are many cases, let’s see one example:
A British citizen won a Euro Millions super prize, everything was spent on sex, drugs and sports cars. When he had nothing left, his wife also left him. He went from being a millionaire to looking for work.
There are many shocking cases about lottery winners, but I will tell you in another post. This post is to make you aware that if you are lucky enough to have the lottery, you should also have the good fortune to have your head in place so as not to make serious mistakes that you will surely regret

Perhaps the question of the title of this post should be, what you should not do if you win the lottery.
What would you do if you won the lottery?

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